Echeveria Secunda Clara

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Fern Farm faviconDescription

  • Echeveria Secunda Clara is a beautiful cultivar that will grow to approximately 12 cm in diameter.
  • It has deep silver-grey-light blue leaves with dark pink edges.
  • The growth is very tight and the leaves are thick.
  • Vibrant orange-red flowers appear during the winter months.

Fern Farm faviconPosition and Care

  • Echeveria Secunda Clara equires full sun to part shade.
  • The plant will benefit from protection during the hottest days of summer, as it may burn.
  • If planted in a pot it will also require afternoon shade during summer.
  • Plants established in the ground are hardy and will only require watering during extended periods of dry weather.
  • Water pot plants more often but ensure the soil is dry before rewatering.

Fern Farm faviconSuggestions

  • Makes a nice landscaping plant due to its lovely colours.
  • It will grow in the shallow soil of rockeries and is perfect for succulent gardens.
  • Beautiful as a stand alone pot plant or as part of an arrangement/fairy garden.

Fern Farm faviconYour Plant

    • Plants are sent bare rooted (without pot or soil).
    • The root system will be sufficiently developed.
    • The plant will have been growing in a 10 cm pot or larger.
    • The plant will be at least 10 cm in diameter.
    • Plants are sent on Mondays and Tuesdays, so they arrive before the weekend.
    • Due to restrictions, we cannot post plants to WA, NT or TAS.
    • All succulents are for sale in Australia only.
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