Mini Echeveria Romeo

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Fern Farm faviconDescription

  • Echeveria Romeo is a stunning Agavoides hybrid that forms pink- green rosettes to approximately 15cm.
  • The colour can change with the seasons and the amount of sun the plant is exposed to. In summer the colour fades away slightly while in winter it intensifies.
  • The cold weather has by far the greatest impact on the colour. The Romeo can turn dark pink with blood-red tips if in full sun during winter.
  • Romeo has a clumping habit with new plants growing from the base of the mother plant. Pups do not grow very often and sometimes it takes quite a while for any to form.
  • Flowers appear in the winter months.

Fern Farm faviconPosition and Care

  • The best position for Echeveria Romeo is full sun to part shade in Autumn Winter and cooler months of the Spring. In summer it is best the plant is protected from too much sun as the foliage can burn during hot days. Bright shade outdoors will be ideal.
  • Echeveria Romeo likes to be watered when the potting mix dries out, though mature plants will cope with extended periods of drought.
  • In summer avoid leaving in in the rain as Romeo can be sensitive to over-watering.
  • Plant in succulent potting mix.

Fern Farm faviconSuggestions

  • Echeveria Romeo is perfect for patio pots.
  • It will also do well in the garden, though it must be planted in a partly shaded spot with excellent drainage.

Fern Farm faviconYour Plant

  • Plants are sent bare rooted (without pot or soil).
  • The root system will be sufficiently developed.
  • The plant will be the same or similar to the one in photos and is displayed in a 5cm pot.
  • The plant will be small and approximately 5cms in diameter.
  • Plants are sent on Mondays and Tuesdays, so they arrive before the weekend.
  • Due to restrictions, we cannot post plants to WA, NT or TAS.
  • All succulents are for sale in Australia only.
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